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5 Important Things to Know Before Owning a Frenchie


They are very sensitive to cold and hot climate conditions. They can get overheated very easily making them prone to heat stroke; so keep their time-limited while outside in the heat. They will not make a good running companion. In cold weather be sure to dress them in a sweater or jacket before going outside as their body temperature can drop drastically putting them at risk for hypothermia. 

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Very Important: Frenchies are not swimmers. Their dense muscular body structure causes them to sink like a submarine. Watch them closely when by water.  If by water please utilize a well fitted doggie life vest. 


These adventurous little pups love to jump for toys, beds, and couches; be careful with this activity as this is hard on their backs and legs. You can use a step ladder, or bench to get up and off beds and couches. 

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These adorable pups eat their food very fast and they can choke or aspirate. Therefore, it is crucial to use a slow feeder at mealtime, you may also apply a little water to soften their food. 


Don’t be fooled by their size when they nibble they have little daggers for teeth. Always have a teether or bully stick nearby.

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