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Puppies Coming May 2024!

Call now to get priority when choosing your new puppy!

Expected Colors of Litter:

-100% Blue

  • Blue

  • Blue-sable

  • Blue-fawn

  • Blue-pied

  • Blue-fawn-pied


Our Dame Information: (Veuve Vie Clicquot)

Our Frenchie Veuve Vie, went through Embark DNA testing and health screening.

Her DNA shows that she is a blue sable with DNA results of Ay/at, d/d, B/B, co, Eme, I, KY/KY, Ssp.

She is AKC registered.

We performed numerous hours researching and interviewing many breeders in Kansas City before we found our mama to be at Gaugers little Bullies

As soon as we were able, we had her genetic/health tested through Embark. We learned that she was a healthy little female with excellent stature.  At that moment our family knew we could offer this amazing breed quality offspring.  Our mission is to bring healthy, happy frenchies into families homes to help them bond together and make fun filled memories.  This breed's happy, quirky personality will bring more laughter and love into your home.

When you choose KC Frenchies as your French Bulldog breeder, you can be confident that your Frenchie will be in excellent health, be of good temperament, and will be a loyal companion.

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